What is Subdivision and how does it work?

Subdivision is the process of changing of the Lot boundaries. It may be creating two or more lots or making one or more lots bigger by consolidating the lots together.

The subdivision process consists of 2 main steps: Initial Consideration and Final approval. To complete the process you will need to apply for a Subdivision approval though the local City Hall. To complete the process you will need the services of Civil Engineer, Land Surveyor and Notary Public ( or a Lawyer). Depending on the complexity of the subdivision you may also need to involve a Design Consultant, Arborist, Landscape Architect and Environmental Consultant .

First step is obtaining Preliminary Layout Approval (PLA), sometimes called a “Decision Letter”. Please contact your City Hall for the application checklist. Please be aware that PLA does not constitute final approval, it is a sketch of the requirements that you will have to complete in order to develop the land.

Once you have PLA, you can contact our office and provide us with a copy of PLA. Once we review your PLA we can advise you of the approximate fees that you will have and the timing of the process.

Our office will be responsible for Execution and Registration of all of the required documents. You will be responsible for paying all the fees to our office and to the City Hall on time.

We would be happy to help you with your Subdivision process, please contact our office if you have any more questions

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